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Andy Hirschfeld is a writer for a number of publications focusing on topics in business, tech, culture, travel and politics. 

His work can be found in outlets including, The Daily Beast, TYT Investigates, observer, insidehook, fortune, eater, time out, Digital trends, al jazeera english,and civil eats among several others


Motorola Backs Big Lie Supporter Who Got Them $26-Million Contract


Can Burying Urban Highways Undo Decades of Racial Inequity? (The Daily beast)

Paris Hilton Goes to War With the Multi-Billion Dollar Troubled Teen Industry (observer)

Exclusive: Despite Brooklyn Nets’ Promise, Arena Workers Say They Aren’t Getting Paid (Observer)

Soaring ConEd Bills Add Fuel to Push for Public Power (NY FOCUS)

A Former Olympic Fencer Brings Her Sport Back to Her Community (YES MAg)

Could a New ‘Bretton Woods’ Conference’ Prompt Global Climate Change Policy? (Fortune)

The Truth About Working Remotely on a Tropical Island (Insidehook)

Tackling US food insecurity while catalysing marginalised voters (Al jazeera english)

‘I Have Nowhere to Go’: This New York City Mother Is One of Millions Facing the Threat of Eviction (COurier)

How I lowered my rent by 20% during Covid-19—and what experts say about negotiating with your landlord (CNBC)

The best weekend getaways off the Acela (TIME OUT)

Internet guerrillas: Inside the DIY broadband revolution with NYC Mesh (Digital trends)

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