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Hirschfeld has more than six years of network TV news experience. He’s served in various editorial roles at CBS, CNN, and Bloomberg News. 


Currently he is the anchor of a nationally syndicated business news update program called The Business Report. It airs on select ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, and Newsnet affiliated stations around the country. The program airs on both OTA and OTT platforms as well. According to TVEyes, the program has an audience reach of 2.6 million viewers. 


On the program Hirschfeld has interviewed notable names in business, culture and politics including Rep. Jim Himes and Eric Swalwell, Senators Cruz, Gillibrand, and Romney;  activists including Bill McKibben and Saru Jayaraman; Paris Hilton, Dr. Peter Hotez, and former JetBlue CEO David Neeleman.




Hirschfeld is also an active contributor to radio and podcast platforms. He’s reported for NPR’s The American Homefront Project and has hosted numerous podcasts.

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