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Andy Hirschfeld is a journalist based in New York City. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Al Jazeera English, Observer, CNBC, Digital Trends, Fortune, The Daily Beast, Talking Points Memo, Slate, The Daily Dot, Time Out, Eater, Insidehook, City and StateNew York Focus, Yes Magazine, Observer, The USA Today Network, and many other publications.


He's broken multiple exclusives on topics ranging from pay issues in professional athletics to allegations of child abuse in residential treatment centers to financial influence on Capitol Hill.

In the world of business he’s covered a wide variety of stories on the beat. For Talking Points Memo, he broke a story on unionization efforts at Chipotle.

For Al Jazeera he broke a major story on the mental health links between the groundbreaking drug Ozempic and its serious mental health consequences. He discussed the racial inequities of highways for The Daily Beast.

For The Young Turks he exposed what companies donated to extremist politicians in Texas and Florida. 

He’s covered the growing misinformation problem about deepfakes in politics and sex work. He spoke about how Russian misinformation fueled news literacy issues and explained how that led up to the January 6th Insurrection. 

​On the New York City beat. He's covered a wide range of stories. For New York Focus, he reported on Con Edison’s price surge in 2021. He fact checked Lee Zeldin’s false claims on New York City’s crime rate. He even called out Jim Jordan’s false claims about NYC in his hometown paper, The Columbus Dispatch. 

He covers the good in the world too. For Civil Eats he wrote about the rise in vegetable prescription programs and initiatives that expand access to sports like fencing to socioeconomically disadvantaged communities for Yes Magazine

He covers lighter stuff too including fun travel stories for Time Out Magazine and culinary adventures for Eater. For City and Slopes he wrote a feature about the Chilean ski resort Tres Valles.

He interviewed famous actors like Olivia Holt about her role in Cruel Summer and Last Man on Earth star Will Forte.

His work has also been featured on major networks too. 

For CNN International, he produced an interview on the show Quest Means Business and the CEO of VW amid the automaker’s diesel controversy. He was on the ground at the Detroit Auto Show. ​

His reporting on PPE was featured on MSNBC’s Velshi in 2020. 

He's also been referenced in the Houston Chronicle, The Guardian, The Independent, CNN's Reliable Source's Newsletter, NY1, and San Francisco Chronicle.

On air, Hirschfeld is an experienced reporter on the national level. He anchored the show The Business Report for three years. It aired on NewsNet, ABC, CBS, CW and FOX affiliate news stations across the United States in several top 50 markets. 

It’s unique format allowed it to be carried like a conventional cable news program or as a collection of segments designed for local news stations around the United States similar to offerings from affiliate services like CBS Newspath, ABC Newsone and CNN Newsource. 

During the show’s tenure it provided an honest and critical look at the good, bad and ugly at the way money moves in a way that bridges the gap between Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Washington, and Hollywood to the communities across the country.

It was to discuss the way money moves because at the end of the day, the concern we all share is about how we are going to pay to live our lives and provide for those we care about. That’s what the program facilitated.

The show secured several high profile interviews including Senators Gillibrand, Cruz and Romney and house members Himes and Swalwell. The interview with Congressman Jim Himes in particular went viral garnering 28 thousand viewers on Linkedin. Hirschfeld interviewed whistleblower Alexander Vindman on the show as well.

He spoke with C-Suite executives at Kohl’s, Kendall Jackson, JetBlue, Breeze Airways, Lenovo, Comcast, Timex and Boost Oxygen. He interviewed celebrities like iconic DJ Tycho and even Paris Hilton. His interview with Hilton also went viral garnering more than 55 thousand views on Twitter alone. Journalists including Dan Rather and Stephanie Ruhle appeared on the show. 

Activists like Bill McKibben, Saru Jayaraman also came on, as did experts from Bloomberg Intelligence, The World Bank, and Goldman Sachs. Hirschfeld has been on the ground at events like Goldman Sachs 10 thousand small business summit, New York Fashion Week, NFT NYC and The Tribeca Film Festival. The show often beat the big three broadcast networks and big three cable networks for spots.

For radio, he's an active contributor to NPR's The American Homefront Project and  CGTN Radio.

Notably for the Beijing Hour, he covered the meeting between Biden and Xi at the 2023 APEC meeting in San Francisco, California.

One of his most notable radio reports was for The American Homefront Project where he broke an exclusive long covid in the military. 

He's appeared on multiple tv shows, radio shows and podcasts to discuss his print reporting. 

Recent appearances include Al Jazeera's The TakeTYT's The Conversation, Ticker News' Ticker Today with Ahron Young, and Google's Tell Me Something Good Podcast produced by The Solutions Journalism Network and iHeartRadio.

Two times a year he serves as the Editor In Chief for City and Slopes Magazine— a New York based lifestyle magazine focusing on ski/snowboard culture for people who call New York City home. An avid skier, he sees this as a way to focus on something lighter on occasion. 

Previously, he produced and reported for live news programs Bloomberg, CNN, and CBS News and contributed to special projects at Yahoo Finance and ABC News.

He was involved in several Emmy nominated programs including CNN’s breaking news coverage of the Manchester England Bombing and CBS This Morning’s Daytime Emmy nomination. 

His work is referenced and used in curricula at Harvard Law, CUNY, Stanford Law, Rutgers University, and The Aspen Institute. 

He regularly speaks to colleges and universities about breaking into the freelance journalism marketplace. He recently led a seminar at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York.

​His photo work has been featured in Eater, Time Out, The Daily Beast, New York Focus, Observer, Al Jazeera, Digital Trends as well as on websites for small businesses. 

​He is also the creator of  Work From Home-ish NYC  which is a guide to the best remote workspaces in New York City.

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