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Andy Hirschfeld is an award-winning journalist based in New York City. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Observer, CNBC, OZY, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg News, Fortune MagazineABC News, Al Jazeera English,  CS Monitor, Nationswell, The Courier, Salon and many other publications. He mainly covers cost of living related issues through a social lens as well as business, tech, and politics.

With an audience of millions, his work has also been featured on CNN International, MSNBC, CNBC, and NPR broadcasts. He's also been referenced in the Houston Chronicle, The Guardian, The Independent, NY1, and San Francisco Chronicle.


He's the host of The Coffee Break Podcast which in its second season brought in 30 thousand listeners. He's the anchor of the weekly current affairs program Adding Context on Happs News (the official broadcaster of Reddit). He's interviewed reporters and activists including progressive TYT/AJ+ host Francesca Fiorintini and entertainment reporter Jason Carter.


He's also the anchor of Business Brief — a daily business news update program airing on NewsNet, ABC, CBS, CW and FOX affiliated news stations across the United States in several top 50 markets. Business Brief airs on notable stations including WISH-TV (CW - Indianapolis), WJLP (Me-TV - Northern New Jersey) and KYUR (ABC- Anchorage). He is the managing editor of America In Context, a growing publication focused on cost of living issues.


He's appeared on multiple tv shows, radio shows and podcasts. Recent appearances include Google's Tell Me Something Good Podcast  produced by The Solutions Journalism Network and iHeart Radio.


He's the author of the book Stolen Dignity and the upcoming book Pop The Vote: How Internet Culture Won The Election. Previously, he produced and reported for CNN and CBS News. 


Hirschfeld has interviewed HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, Former Vice President Al Gore, Rebecca Black, Paris Hilton, Bill McKibben, and CEO of Consumer Electronic Association Gary Shapiro. He's been involved with both Emmy nominated and Edward R. Murrow Award Winning Programs. 


His work is referenced and used in curricula at Harvard Law, Stanford Law, Rutgers University, and The Aspen Institute.






Hirschfeld has produced long-form documentaries, network newscasts, network livestreams, and Emmy Nominated segments for daily newscasts -- covering everything from politics to finance. 

He's served in producer roles in hectic control rooms for live newscasts and special reports -- writing copy, chyrons, building graphics and cutting vo/sots. 

In the field, he's booked, shot, conducted interviews and coordinated live feeds all over the country. 

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Hirschfeld has new book called Stolen Dignity: An Expose on The Troubled Teen Industry as part of a four year investigation into abuse at residential treatment centers. This is his first bylined book (which because of COVID-19 is distributed as part of a paywalled newsletter). The investigation will be used in the curriculum at two ivy-league universities. He has a new book entitled Pop The Vote: How Internet Culture Won The Election slated to come out in 2021. He was a ghost writer for two other books.

Hirschfeld spoke about his investigations at universities across the country and the world.

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Hirschfeld speaks about his investigations into the troubled teen industry to universities across the country and around the world. 

He also speaks about assorted environmental and healthcare topics to audiences around the world including as a speaker at SXSW Eco and TEDx.

More recently Hirschfeld discusses cost of living issues and how they impact politics, business, and tech. 



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In Addition to his own reporting, Hirschfeld has appeared on podcasts, radio programs, and TV to discuss his work. His work is also sourced in other journalist's reporting. 

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